Next Generation Fiber Access

As part of next generation fiber access, the operator is looking for solutions that are characterized by flexibility of use, justified economic efficiency as well as quick market introduction and long life span. In response to the above, we offer a number of advanced solutions base on next generation technologies and tools which help provide triple play services with high quality, eases shift from traditional environments to the cloud and building the virtualisation and automation prcesses.

Fibre-Based Broadband FTTH

FTTH provides virtually unlimited bandwidth and enables the simultaneous delivery of multiple services. FTTH is the ultimate solution for next-generation access. We provides GPON, XGS-PON and point-to-point FTTH solutions which are suitable for all types of end users (residential, SME, enterprise) and can deliver high-value services – from ultra-fast internet or premium IPTV to business VPNs, bandwidth-hungry services and apps from the cloud.

Compact OLT

Superior SDN-enabled fibre-optical access GPON & XGS-PON for all types of users, services, densities, deployment scenarios and business models.

Key features:

  • Based on the latest state-of-the-art GPON and XGS-PON chipsets.
  • Exquisite bandwidth utilisation and high split ratio.
  • Network processor-based, SDN-enabled broadband platform.
  • Service- and app-awareness provides control, effective QoS management and policy enforcement.
  • Support for multi-provider deployment scenarios, including virtual unbundling and open access.
  • User-friendly management for easy configuration using service profiles
  • RESTCONF API for easy integration into operators’ OSS/BSS.

Multi-Service Access Node

MSAN is a scalable, high-performance broadband access and aggregation product that connects end users over all fixed-access technologies in a single, cost-effective platform.

Key features:

  • Support for a multitude of broadband-access technologies.
  • Several deployment scenarios supported, such as FTTH, FTTC, FTTB, DSL from CO.
  • Network processor-based, SDN-enabled broadband platform.
  • Service- and app-awareness provides control, effective QoS management and policy enforcement.
  • Supports all types of residential, business, or cloud-based services.
  • Multiple enclosure options, from one-slot 1U to 20 slots.
  • High port density and wide temperature range (from -40 °C up to +65 °C).
  • Support for multi-provider deployment scenarios, including virtual unbundling and open access.
  • Easy management using service profiles, fast integration into operators’ OSS/BSS.

FTTH Home Gateways

A wide range of Carrier-class home gateways units allows for flexible and price effective selection of the device for a dedicated technological architecture of the network.

Key product lines:

  • GPON FTTH Home Bridge and Gateways
  • NG-PON FTTH Home Gateways
  • P2P FTTH Home Gateways
  • Universal Home Gateway
Key features:
  • TR-069 Remote management
  • PLC management
  • Supreme WiFi: 802.11n/ac MU-MIMO, dual-band 2.4 GHz/5 GHz
  • Interfaces: 4xGE, WiFi: 11n/11ac,2xPOTS, CATV, USB, UPS
  • SIP redundancy
  • Option: CATV output

Management Ecosystem

State-of-the-art management ecosystem that covers all product lines. Its open south- and northbound interfaces allow painless integration of network equipment, OSS/BSS provisioning and billing systems.

Key features:

  • WEB GUI client
  • Service profiles and packages for efficient service provisioning
  • Rich OSS/BSS interface
  • Open infrastructure for new service deployment
  • High level of service customisation
  • High-availability and geo-redundancy for reliable and resilient operation
  • Evolution of existing MNS

Building blocks:

  • Management node system (MNS)
  • Network element manager (NEM)
  • Element manager (EM)
  • Fault-monitoring system (FMS) Open device adapter / Fault-access module (ODA/FAM)
  • Performance and quality monitoring system (PQMS)
  • OpenMN northbound interface (NBI)

Basic architecture: 

IMS and vIMS

IMS and virtual IMS facilitate the evolution of operators’ network and business strategies, reduce network complexity, shorten time-to-market and deliver OPEX savings. Provide IP-based consolidation of core networks and enable convergence of fixed and mobile assets. They guarantee scalability and seamless interoperability with legacy networks, driving the evolution to a 5G core.

IMS and vIMS allow rapid introduction of flexible, real-time services for residential and business.

Cloud and Virtualisation

As operators and enterprises look to move network operations to the cloud, they need a platform that delivers a smooth migration.

CSP (Cloud-Services Platform) is an elastic cloud infrastructure for cross-industry application that facilitates a smooth migration from traditional to cloud environment, by assuring backward compatibility and coexistence of cloud-aware and non-cloud applications. Guarantees high availability and geo-redundancy of hosted services on an open, ETSI NFV-compliant architecture.

Software-defined Broadband

Our software-defined network (SDN) application  solutions enable operators to deliver agile services that fit the end user’s requirements.

Intelligent Service Access – lets operators turn a dumb-pipe network into a value-added network, control the investment cycle and build a sustainable business model

Open Broadband Access –  provides broadband customers with access to services provided by competing service providers. All the service providers share the same network provider’s resources.
To the customers, this open-access model gives a free choice of services and service providers. To individual service providers, it guarantees equal terms for their service offer to the end customers through the shared resources of a network provider

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